Benefits of Forex Signals

Why should I use Signal Trader?

Signal Trader lets you automate trading in your brokerage account, based on signals from proprietary traders, allowing you to tap into their trading expertise and gain a key understanding of their techniques.

Signal Trader’s innovative auto-execution mirroring system allows you to duplicate the trades of your favorite prop traders by automatically executing orders in your trading account, based on their signals, without any further intervention by you.

You can control your desired level of risk with money management options that allow you to define trading parameters, including trade size, as well as monitoring trades, positions and profit and loss, all in real time.

By using Signal Traders auto-execution mirroring system you can build up your portfolio based on the trading activity of the prop traders you wish to follow.

Signal Trader also provides clients with signal alerts based on the trading activity of prop traders, via email or on the charts displayed on each live trading room.

All the accounts displayed in Signal Trader’s live trading rooms are the real accounts of prop traders, trading with real money and as trades are executed they are displayed in real time.